Best-In-Class Features Of An Online Stock Trading Platform 

A share market app is a one-stop solution for all the traders who want to achieve their financial freedom effectively within a short period. It is one of the best platforms for all our investment and stock market trading needs. Beginners get to know many new things and also learn how to trade with the help of financial experts and seasoned traders to fortify their existing portfolios. In addition, most of these virtual trading platforms provide in-depth research and the latest reports to make intelligent investment decisions easily. Therefore, we can take the help of a trading app to invest in the stock market, mutual funds, Futures, Options, Commodities, Currencies, and more.

Presently, we can apply for IPOs and FPOs with the help of a digital investment platform. It assists us with keeping a close eye on BSE, NSE, and their respective indices. Moreover, we can quickly open a Demat account and trading account online within just a few clicks. It also helps us build a strong portfolio, track all our investments effortlessly, and monitor the share market thoroughly to gauge and decide future actions. 

Top Features Of A Stock Trading App:

  • We can directly trade stocks online from TradingView charts available on the app and get instant margin benefits by pledging shares.
  • An online investing platform helps to manage stock market risk in detail and adds a stop loss to an open position.
  • Traders can identify key price levels and quickly set up support and resistance levels with daily or weekly CPR indicators. 
  • It allows traders to calculate the brokerage before placing any order with the transaction estimator available on the app.
  • Now it is very straightforward to get an enhanced options chain with weekly and monthly expiries for all the existing stocks in the market and indices. 

Why Should We Join A Share Market App?

  1. We get all the qualitative and quantitative insights on listed share market companies.
  2. It helps track the overall performance of invested stocks and view returns using CAGR available online.
  3. A stock trading app gives us instant alerts when a share of a company crosses the price or volume they specify with price alerts.
  4. Nowadays, traders can invest systematically and regularly via a Systematic investment plan in stocks.
  5. Moreover, it allows us to benchmark and track returns from stocks with significant indices in the Indian share market.
  6. We can place buy or sell orders for the next trading day after the stock market’s closing with necessary market orders.
  7. Now, it is straightforward to create multiple orders for different stocks with the app’s help and club them together with essential basket orders.
  8. Furthermore, stock traders can place some good triggered orders in their trading system to earn maximum profit.

Currently, the online trading or stock investing app is the one-stop solution for all the traders from where they can invest in all the segments, including stocks, futures, options, commodities, currencies, ETFs, IPO, FPO, and more. In addition, it allows investors to perform technical analysis, making it easy to do share trading directly on the TradingView charts. Most of these platforms are also beneficial for long-term investors as they can use the daily SIP to invest in their favourite stocks without hassles. 


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