Digital Wallet To Your Microtransaction Into Cash

In KakaoTalk, people get connected by learning how to exchange mobile phone small payments into cash. KakaoTalk is free of charge on the internet, and you can live chat, send messages, videos, and multimedia messages. A mobile phone and small payments cash is a communication service offered by the three companies. The three companies are LG, KT, and SKT.

Nowadays, modern society is now modified by technologies and the 소액결제현금화When you go out to a restaurant or cafe, you will see people using cash. People use cards to pay bills and transportation. It accesses smartphones to send money, or using small payments into cash.

What do you need to cash out from KakaoTalk?

Before you begin, you have to register first with your name and follow the steps together in the Kakao Talk account.

  • Step 1: Setting up in Kakao Pay.
    • First, you have to open a Kakao Pay account. Open the Kakao Talk app and click on the More Tab.
    • On the right, you will click the gray-ish rectangle bar location under the profile photo and Send Money and Pay.
  • Step2: Link your bank account to KakaoTalk Pay
    • After setting up your Kakao Pay profile account, you will take to the Kakao Pay screen.
    • Add the link of your bank information like bank account number and link to your Kakao Pay account.
    • Please ensure you use your regular bank account for payment or transfer from Kakao Pay will be withdrawn to your bank account.
    • Linking your bank account is directly seeing the balance on your Kakao Pay.
    • If there are no connected accounts, you add an account.
    • If you have another bank account that you like to add, the link is you have finished setting up Kakao Pay.
  • See the screen where to input your bank information.

Choose your bank list includes both the names and logos of Korean banks.

Your own bank choos the enter your bank account number.


What are the features of these mobile applications?

  • Plus Friend: You get an access to multimedia content such as songs and videos, celebrities you add as your friends.
  • Contacts management: The app will show your contact list and.

It adds friends directly to chat lesson and import and export friend lists.

  • Audio and graphic elements: The KakaTalk will make voice filters that you can apply to your voicemail. For messaging, you have a selection of animated emoticons.
  • KakaoTalk will share images, videos, contact information, voice messages, and links.
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