What is a DSCR Loan? What are the Advantages of DSCR Loan?

The Debt Service Coverage, also known as the Debt Service Coverage Ratio (DSCR), measures the cash available to borrowers to pay principal, interest, and lease payments. DSC is a standard measure of an entity (corporation) or individual’s ability to raise enough money to pay their loans within the time frames promised. A bank will ask you about your DSC rating when you apply for bank financing on income property. If your DSC ratio exceeds 80%, you will be able to obtain bank finance on an income property.

Although these properties may not have the DSCR requirements of banks, investors often find good investment opportunities in leased properties. These cases are where investors will work with reputable hard-money lenders that offer an interest reserve to help them meet the bank’s DSCR requirements. This type of financing opportunity is not offered by traditional finance lenders.

What is the role of interest reserve?

Imagine that you are making $1800 monthly loan payments. Now, you want to apply for a mortgage on an income property. It is not possible to get your loan approved if your rental income is less or equal to $1800. Contact the bridge loan lenders to get an interest reserve.

Let’s suppose that you own a property that is less than 50% leased. However, you are unable to obtain sufficient debt service coverage to be approved for a bank loan. A well-respected lender offers you $1,000, 000 financing to help you meet DSCR requirements. To make the monthly payments, the lender deposits $ 100,000 into an account. To make the required payments, the lender takes $10,000 out of the account over a period of 10 months.

While the lender is busy paying the monthly repayments, the owner is looking to rent the vacant space. The majority of cases see the income property 100% leased by the end the 10 months. In these cases, the borrower is able to earn enough income to cover the loan repayments. Borrowers don’t need to take from the interest reserves to make monthly payments.

What benefits does interest reserve offer?

A 50% or empty property can be purchased for a fraction of the cost. Once the property is 100% leased due to the interest reserve, it’s worth considerably more and also qualifies for a traditional/conventional bank loan. Refinance the hard money loan with the bank to get a lower traditional rate. It is crucial to recognize that the property owner without a reliable and well-respected hard money lender would not have been able to purchase the property and would have missed an opportunity to invest. We at CambridgeHomeLoan would like to answer all of your DSCR loans related questions. Not just DSCR Loan Florida services, we are serving nationwide.

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